Welcome to ARV College Canada – the Center of Academic Excellence

Our Mission:

To provide all students with outstanding education and training so that they can meet the changing demands of the labor market and thrive in a fulfilling career.

Our Vision:

To create a welcoming environment that fosters teamwork and excellence for all students: 

  • To be the first choice of post-secondary education for individuals and organizations
  • To be recognized universally for excellence the  development of human capital
  • To facilitate skill-development of organizations and communities at large

Our values:

  • Excellence in every sphere of our operations: We practice excellence in all our operating procedures. Following a standardized code of conduct, our college seeks excellence in all operations, starting from general administration, to the management of academic processes.
  • Honesty and Integrity: Academic honesty is our core value:  every activity that we perform is subsumed in this fundamental principle.
  • Assurance of a High-Quality Educational environment.  Our academic and administrative processes are top notch and we ensure that quality is reflected in every operation of our College starting from student counseling till we offer them a program completion certificate.
  • Success for all students that come through our doors. With excellent academics, highly qualified and trained faculty. we envisage success for every student who joins us. Our learners are imparted with the academic curricula available in British Columbia today.
  • Provision of equal opportunity amidst the diversity of culture, society and academic levels: We provide equal opportunity for every student irrespective of his/her status. All students have to pass through the standard admission procedure to join the programs at our College. This makes all our students equal, while they join us in their academic career.
  • A strong and independent college with self-sustenance: We have established our reputation as one of the most successful independent college in Richmond, British Columbia.
  • The contribution to our society and community at large: We believe in our responsibility to the community we live in. We undertake various community development activities in association with our students and faculty as a part of our social responsibility program.
  • Our commitment to excellence: We are committed to excellence at every level. We ensure that academics from their respective fields in the most cordial atmosphere.
  • Our dedicated loyal staff and faculty: We have created a positive atmosphere with our cordial staff and faculty. We are proud of our dedicated staff and faculty members, who are loyal to the College, and friendly to the students and parents.
  • Robust regulatory framework: Administration is a vital part of every organization and our college ensures a robust framework for administration. With clearly drafted-out regulatory norms, we make sure to follow that at every stage of operation.
  • Strong governance: We are supporters of strong governance for imparting better standards of education in a sustainable manner. This makes us one of the most disciplined colleges with an emphasis on career development for all students through the different programs of the College.
  • Effective problem solving with complaint resolution: We address complaints of students promptly and effectively. With an efficient mode of communication and a smart process of query resolution, we make sure all our students and their parents remain satisfied with the services we render.
  • Consistent and effective quality enhancement procedures: We keep on evolving to create a better education system with the smartest faculty within the changing paradigm of academics. This consistent effort towards improvement is reflected in all our actions of the administration, student support, and academic delivery.
  • Effective internal management of information and external reports: All our procedures are standardized and we maintain a strong system of records and information. Our records are maintained under highest custody in a safe location and can be made available for officials and students as per their specifications. Our student records can be retrieved for individual students upon satisfactory reason and deposit of standard fee of $0.25 per page of copy.

Our Code of Conduct:

Guided by our values, these key behaviors are essential to all of us and to all those we work with, in achieving our mission:

  • Ultimate focus on the customer
  • Working together in a team
  • Help is empowerment of others
  • Welcome responsibility and accountability
  • Adopt a positive attitude and stick to it
  • Embrace change and lead the way
  • Apply enthusiasm and energy to everything we do
  • Commit to quality and perfection with sustainable enhancement
  • Have fun!