Academic Advising

At ARV Canada College our experienced program advisors are there to assist every query with excellent support. Our Onsite Administrator help students to select programs according to their educational needs and career goal.

We also conduct academic workshops to help our students achieve excellence. Our workshops are oriented towards enhancing time management, reading, writing, exam preparation and note taking skills. 

Upon request, we may set up one on one appointments between students and instructors if additional support is needed. 

Students can always visit their instructors and be teaching assistants at any time during office hours. If any such review-classes are scheduled, students must have a list of questions with them to clarify your concepts. 

Using Instructors and Teaching Assistants as Resources

It is advised to students to tactfully gather as much information about the test as one can. Although asking directly about which specific sections will be covered in the questions of the examination is not considered appropriate; but, you can always request for information on how much time or effort you should deliver to a particular session/ chapter. There is nothing wrong asking for guidance on the pattern of questions and worth of individual chapters. Make sure you don’t miss any review sessions or doubt-clearance classes. ARV Canada College is committed to enrolling students who meet program admission criteria and who are likely to succeed in achieving their education and career goals.
We make sure that our academic staff is highly educated with profound industry experience so as to make the study enjoyable as well as informative.