Who can study at ARV Canada College (ARV)?

International and Canadian students who meet the admission requirements as per admission policy can pursue their education at ARV Canada College.


What is expected of the student?

  • Provide original or notarized copies of all documentation necessary for enrolment.
  • Must meet the program admission requirement and Language requirement.
  • Maintain a solid attendance record and academic standing.
  • Have the Acceptances Letter from an ARV Canada College, in which you want to study, here in Canada. ARV issues Acceptance Letter to the applicants, who meet all the admission requirements.
  • Pay the tuition fees for the program that you intend to pursue.

Do I need to Study ESL – English as a Second Language Program?

The only student’s who hail from a country not recognized as having English as it is the primary language of education, and cannot submit proof of a sufficient score in a recognized English As Second Language _ ESL place test will be required to study ESL.


Can international students get admission to part-time programs?
No, international students are not eligible for part-time programs. International students can be admitted to the full-time program only.

What is the procedure for obtaining a study permit?
For obtaining a student visa, you must have:
• Acceptance Letter from ARV Canada College in which you want to study, here in Canada. ARV Canada Collegeissues an Acceptance Letter to an applicant who meets all the admission requirements.
• Pay the tuition fees for the course or program that you intend to pursue
• Proof of sufficient funds to meet all the expenses for studying in Canada: For admission email us at admin@arvcollege.ca

When should I apply?

The best time to apply is 1 week prior to the start of the semester.  It is highly recommended that you apply at least 1 week before the start of your preferred study session. If you don’t, you may miss the scheduled registration date specified on your Letter of Acceptance from the college. You are required to have a valid Letter of Acceptance from the college. This entire process adds a minimum of two weeks to the processing of your application.
If you don’t submit your application correctly along with necessary documentation and through proper procedures, the processing time may extend longer. Applicants who do not provide the sufficient documentary evidence may be refused program entry in some cases. For admission email us at admin@arvcollege.ca