Deadline September 21st 2020

Title: Academic Services Administrator

Job Summary 

An Academic Services Administrator is responsible for the documentation administration admission and human resource department including web data international and local with project, service, or function to include academic program planning, implementation and evaluation.

Title Administrator Duties 

  • Apply and interpret administrative management policy, regulations, and guidelines in determining program goals for local and international student.
  • Evaluate program initiatives and assist each student in understand college policy during the registration into the program including procedures of the college.
  • Evaluate and analyze data to provide overall support for administrative operations.
  • Provide advice and guidance on policy, procedures and working systems identifying needs of the student.
  • Document the daily event list of task conducted into ARV portal reporting system.
  • Coordinate, develop and maintain web-page for best practices information for staff, students and applicants.
  • Coordinate recruitment and admissions efforts for admissions department for documentation verification.
  • Evaluates and recommends operational changes to work unit to ensure effectiveness and compliance with College policies and regulations.
  • Composes confidential correspondence on own initiative and verify supporting documentation received from staff , Canadian student and international student. Liaises with authorities international and locally or governing bodies for verification. If require uses native language – Mandarin.
  • All corresponding must be documented and kept as proof of communication.
  • Host live meeting in Mandarin to explain the process with dual language including mandarin and English.
  • Participates in meetings and conferences pertinent to area of responsibility, special event planning and coordination.
  • Provides advanced administrative support for staff in the creation/modification/maintenance of pipeline server portal for pathway students and staff programs. Coordinate the recruitment and credentialing of adjunct faculty.
  • Coordinates hourly schedules of sessions; production of syllabus and educational materials.
  • Train new faculty staff and students to use and utilize new educational technology tools.
  • Advise staff, students and others to provide technical advice, problem solving assistance, answers to questions and program goals and policy interpretations; refer to appropriate department or person as necessary.
  • Administer and coordinate student assessment procedures and develop databases to address longitudinal outcomes.
  • Serve as a liaison with other academic and administrative departments regarding the academic program, representing the program on cross-functional teams, policy committee, and work groups.
  • Assist with creation of reports and/or preparation of data for programs/projects.

Minimum Qualification Requirements 

This position requires a Master’s degree in business , economics or a field of study related to the economics program, or a Bachelor’s degree in those same fields with a minimum of one years of experience.

July 13, 2018

ARV Canada College is a designated institution of Private Training Institutions Branch the Ministry of Advanced Education administers the Private Training Act and associated regulations.